In using Facebook The ads will irritate you by showing continuously, Facebook may be considered “Worst” for the bunch of ads mostly because 5 out of 10 people advertise their business on Facebook.

Type of ads you can see on facebook while using the mobile app.

“Facebook Video Ads” “Facebook Product Ads” “Facebook Instagram Ads” and last “Facebook Sponsored Ads”

But wait, You can control the ads you see on Facebook, For doing this open facebook and then facebook > settings after that choose “Facebook Ads Manager”

In mobile devices that are under menu > Settings > Account settings > Ads

There you can see bunch of information related to your ad content here, They include your interests (this may be your searched or activity ads like – Sports, Technology, Food and many more) What advertisers can see about you and advertisers you have interacted (Ex:- you have read an ad or clicked on it) and some test features for hiding ad ad for specific amount of time.

When you click on any of category there you will see more details about it, This allows to customize your ad experience and if you don’t like any category you can simply remove it from there, this will remove that type of ads for example.

In your information section, you can toggle info, that let advertisers can see about you for example – Marital status, Employer, Job status, Educational Status and you are interested in, you can also remove specific topics under your categories section.

Under the settings option, you will control the what type of Ads will show for you, including ads that are tracked from other online places.

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Options under this menu –

Ads based on your use of Web sites and Apps

Have you ever seen a Facebook ad related or same as the Amazon product you have last seen/purchased or visited a website on a browser? facebook will start showing you this type of ads based on your past activity.

You can disable this to stop seeing recent activity ads on Facebook news feeds, There are more options on the menu too but that’s the big one for most people.

Hide a Specific Ad Topic Option

Now finally, I find the hide ad topics to be the most interesting because it allows users to hide ads for alcohol or parenting for 6 months one year or permanently,  I think this will be for that type of users fighting for an addiction in case of Alchohol, though the Parenting section isn’t clear – Perhaps this is for parents who have lost a child and don’t want to see parenting content to further deepened that wound.

In Last

If you are facing any problem doing this, you can comment below on this post we will help you.

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