Download musically videos to your phone memory

Musically is the platform to rise quickly as a star on Internet World. It lets you create short and creative videos. All I can say it is global video community. Every day, millions of people create creative conversation and expression among them. is a platform that connects individuals to a vibrant and highly-engaged community of content creators.

There are many features included in the App to create awesome and creative videos. It comes with a lot of Motion Stickers, Regular stickers, Selfie Filters along with makeup camera with makeup filters. Means It is good for creative people to enhance their expression and conversation with creative videos.

How to Save Musically Videos in Phone

We make things easier. We came up with amazing tweaks by which you can easily download Musically Videos to your phone memory. Here I’ll be sharing 2 methods which are enough to enjoy musically videos offline also. Both the methods are very easy to understand and you can easily download musically videos after learning both ways.

First Method

This method you may know. Still, some guys might be aware of it. So We are explaining it to get it done for them.

  1. Open Musically App and select the video that you want to download.
  2. Now Open sharing option and select WhatsApp and share to any WhatsApp friend.
  3. Now that Musically Video will be sent to your WhatsApp Friend. He’ll download it.
  4. Later you can ask him to resend to you.

Isn’t easy?? So this way you can download musically videos to your Gallery. Hope you’ll like this method and share this idea with friends also.

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Second Method

The second method is also easy as ABCD. You’ll be able to download videos to the gallery after following the mentioned steps. Just Follow what I do to get musically videos to the gallery. In this method, you don’t need to ask to resend video. Just you need a Computer or Laptop.

  1. Open Musically App and Select the video which you want to download.
  2. Send it any of your WhatsApp friends.
  3. Now Open WhatsApp Web on Your PC and Scan the QR Code from Mobile’s WhatsApp.
  4. After Successful Scan, You can access WhatsApp from your PC.Open Chat with your
  5. Friend Where you sent out the Musically Video. Play the Video.
  6. You’ll see a button to Download Video from Video Play. Click on it. Your video will be downloaded. That’s it.

Both methods are same in a way but different in using if you have PC you can do it yourself, but if you don’t have pc then the first one is the best suit for you.

Final Words

Downloading videos from any social media platform is against copyright if they are not allowing it, and also remember not to misuse the video in any way because if the person claims you will be in a serious problem so take care and stay safe.

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